Giant Panda Triplets Meet Mother For the First Time

The world’s only known surviving giant panda triplets met their mother for the first time on Tuesday at China’s Chimelong Safari Park.

The cubs were born at China’s Chimelong Safari Park on July 29. The triplets were shown on state television interacting with their mother, Juxiao, while inside an enclosure.

Keepers at the park said the baby pandas each weigh around eight kilograms and are considered strong enough to be with their mother.

“We bring the cubs closer to their mother with the main purpose of training the panda mother to bond with its babies,” said General Manager Dong Guixin.

The mama panda seemed overjoyed to see them after all these months.

The zoo says the mom will be able to spend more and more time each day with her cubs.


Pandas are notorious for their low reproductive rates so when the triplets were born on 29 July many thought it was both a miracle and near impossible that they would survive.

The cubs were separated from their mother because in previous cases of panda triplets, at least one of the babies died due to their mother’s carelessness or malnutrition.

Not that such bad parenting was on display in the video released by the park in Guangzhou, where the mother, Juxiao, can be seen cradling two of her cubs affectionately. She left the third baby alone as it was sleeping.


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