Monthly Archive: December 2014

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Panda cubs debut in Japan zoo

Newborn giant panda cubs made their debut at a zoo in Japan this week. Visitors came to see the newborns, which weigh around 500 grams each.

That’s about three times their weight when they were born Dec. 2.

Soon, zoo staff will start taking suggestions for names of the cubs.

Visitors have f[……]

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Play for Baby Giant Pandas

In addition to eating and resting, play is absolutely the most important daily activity for baby giant pandas. They explore unknown things and strengthen friendships with each other while having fun.

Now, we’ll introduce a baby panda who definitely likes to play. He makes the whole park bustle wi[……]

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Giant Panda Triplets Meet Mother For the First Time

The world’s only known surviving giant panda triplets met their mother for the first time on Tuesday at China’s Chimelong Safari Park.

The cubs were born at China’s Chimelong Safari Park on July 29. The triplets were shown on state television interacting with their mother, Juxiao, while inside an[……]

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The Class on Giant Panda Pathology Started Smoothly

On November 3rd, 2014, the class on giant panda pathology started smoothly at the Dujaingyan Base of CCRCGP. The class was opened with the purpose of increasing the number of giant panda as well as strengthening the ability of giant panda pathology on diagnosis. 24 experts and veterinarians from 18[……]

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The Legendary Giant Panda Bing Bing

Giant panda Bing Bing was born on August 6, 1986. Known for her round face, she has been considered the “beauty” of the Panda Base for many years.

She has passed on her round-face gene to many of her children and grandchildren. Daughters and son, “Lun Lun”, “Bing Xing” and “Jiao Zi”, and grandchi[……]

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The Later Life of Giant Panda Li Li

Giant panda Li Li began her “retirement” on the Base this year. She has had an interesting life. When she was young, Li Li was a sickly beauty whose weight increases were irregular. Through the efforts of experts at the Base, she finally gained weight and became healthy. Her good health allowed her[……]

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